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All About Miss Vicki Lee


Born in South Georgia into a home of seven girls this young lady at an early age showed tremendous talent toward music. She is a self taught musician performing on several instruments.

At the age of 13, Vicki was performing on the local radio stations singing gospel music. From there she proceeded onto various talent shows throughout South Georgia.

At age 19 Country Music recording artist Gene Taft took an interest in her. She was scheduled for a recording date plus a television show. Gene Taft was seriously injured in an auto accident.

Vicki stopped as quick as she started. But destined for success, Vicki began performing at various shows fronting major artist, Lois Williams was the first. Performing with Loretta Lynn at the age of 21, things began to happen.

She went on to performing with some of the greats, Bellamy Brothers, George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Del Reeves and many more.

Vicki has appeared on several television shows including the Ralph Emory Show in 1984. She has performed at various rallies in the State of Georgia during Governer Jimmy Carters campaign for presidency. This lady has achieved moderate success in the country music circut.

On March 1, 1986 the House of Representatives read and adopted Resolution H.R. 857 By: Representative Smith of the 152nd District. Recognizing Vicki Lee for her success in the entertainment business and commending her for her charitable work for
the state of Georgia.

On March 12, 2012 the House of Representatives read and adopted Resolution By: Representative Tommy Smith And Governor Nathan Deal in Atlanta Georgia. Recognizing Vicki Lee for her success in the entertainment business and commending her for her charitable work forthe state of Georgia.

In the mid 1990's Vicki put pen to paper, writing her first book We've Got Country Cookin' At Vicki's House Tonight. It started out as a cookbook but later turned into memories and stories of her life in Country Music. Then in 2010, Vicki's book was finished and her autobiography is in the making.

Always remember, from small acorns great trees are grown




I'm called, Miss "Vicki Lee" Alma"s Claim To Fame.  I have  many more songs to be sung and there are still many more pages to be written. Having recently faced some of the toughest times of my  life, i'm still in the studio and out there pleasing my fans who are very special to me. Music is in my blood and I was born to sing. 

As my idol Loretta Lynn say's, "I haven't changed with the times, the times have followed me".

Every song I sing and anything I do I put my own sound and twist to it. I don"t want to sound like everybody else. I want to be me and have people recognize me for me and not everyone else who are sounding alike today, I've lived thru good times and hard times. It's these hard times that are making me stronger because I know this is what my loved ones would have wanted.

All I've done is try to help others, starting with my family. I never did this just for myself. I thank God that I am still able to tell my stories and sing my songs. That I can still make people happy thru my music.

Vicki Lee was born Patsy Willene Tuten in Alma, Ga. on May 6, 1950. The third of  seven children born to Loyd and Thelma Tuten. Patsy was always told she had wiggle worms in her even before she was born.

With her parents blessing and encouragement, young Patsy soon found her voice and a place where it would be appreciated. During the first few years of her life, she sang in churches and Radio Shows. As she got a little older she started performing at a variety of local contests. Patsy's mama and daddy gave her a small organ and she would put it under her arm and go to Church. From there she started playing the piano where she soon found out that the faster she played the faster they danced in the spirit.

At age fifteen, Patsy married and had three beautiful children Rick, Rich and Tina. Her second marriage is where she started picking up the guitar and performing anywhere she could. Within the first few months of marriage things went wrong, so she divorced and started performing again in local clubs and contests where she would go in with just her guitar and voice and she would always win. It was also at this time that she was given the stage name of Vicki Lee by her sister Louise. It was around this time that she met her mentor and idol Miss Loretta Lynn. It wasn't long until she married again and had another beautiful baby boy named John. Vicki was living in Tampa, Fl and this is where she started fronting shows for many of the country stars that we
know so well. This was the highlight of Vicki Lee's career.  Vicki sang publicly and shared her passion for music with her family singing with her daddy, and to her family regularly. By the time she was twenty two Patsy had four children.

Inspired by their daughters abilities Patsy's parents and family spent many hours listening to her sing. Patsy taught herself to play many instruments. In no time Vicki Lee was making a name and place for herself in the world of Country Music. She was performing alone and with local bands. 

Vicki Lee's break came when she entered contests and won  everything from The Country Showdown, Wrangler Star Search, Sparkey's Country Tavern where she won the title of Miss Country Music, KFC Songwriting Contest and many others. Vicki started performing on local television shows, from there to the Ralph Emery Show and fronting many of our Country Stars. She performed in Myrtle Beach for many years.

It didn't take long for the State of Georgia to grab on to the rising star. Vicki was honored several times at the Georgia State Capital with Resolutions Commending her for her many works for the state of Georgia. 

Vicki Lee has her own sound and it's always been said she could capture an audience and hold them in the palm of her hand. 

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