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Vicki Lee - Vocals
Studio 105 Recording - Producer/Arranger

These songs were recorded with her band, "The New Cherokee ‘Rose". The CD is called, "The Way We Were". The tapes were re-produced to give you the best quality in sound.

Listen to Vicki Lee/Vicki Lynn and The New Cherokee ‘Rose Band as they sing, "80203 Can You Hear Me Calling", "Who Do I Think I’m Fooling", "Music Making Man", "House Of The Rising Sun", and seven others. If you like Country Music you’re certainly going to enjoy listening to Vicki Lee and her Band “The New Cherokee ‘Rose“.

Featuring Vicki Lynn singing harmony and on piano, Wayne Corbitt on drums, Ricky Teston on Bass and Wayne Teston on lead. Watch for more to come.

Note: 80203 Can You Hear Me Calling Written by Vicki Lynn Corbitt. Who Do I Think I’m Fooling and Music Making Man Written by Vicki Lynn Corbitt

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